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WaSender - is a Windows software that runs on a PC, a solution for automatically sending messages to your bulk customers and groups


  1. Bulk Messaging: These tools are typically used for sending messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts or groups simultaneously, saving time compared to manual messaging.

  2. Contact Management: You can usually import or manage your contacts and groups within the software to organize your messaging lists.

  3. Message Personalization: Some tools allow you to personalize messages with the recipient's name or other details, making them appear less automated.

  4. Scheduling: You can often schedule messages to be sent at specific times or dates, which can be useful for timed promotions or reminders.

  5. Message Templates: These tools may provide the option to create and use message templates for various purposes.

  6. Auto Reply: Some software may support auto-reply features, allowing automated responses to incoming messages.

  7. Automation: Automation features can include auto-joining groups, auto-responding to specific keywords, and more.

  8. Number Verification: To use WhatsApp in a business context, you may need to verify your numbers, and some tools provide this capability.

  9. Reporting and Analytics: Many of these tools offer reporting and analytics features, allowing you to track the performance of your campaigns.

  10. DND (Do Not Disturb) Management: To avoid messaging numbers on the Do Not Disturb list, some tools incorporate DND management features.

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