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Deskzai is a robust web-based customer support solution developed using Laravel. This feature-packed platform simplifies customer service operations with its versatile toolkit. The Knowledge Base empowers businesses to create and maintain informative articles, while Business Hour settings ensure support availability aligns with operational hours. Efficiently manage customer inquiries with the Email to Ticket conversion and User Ticket Portal. Analytics Reports provide valuable insights into support performance, and Ticket Assign facilitates task delegation. AI Ticket Reply automates responses, while Collision Detection prevents overlap in agent responses.


Knowledge Base Management:Empowers businesses to create and maintain informative articles, providing customers with self-service support options.

Business Hour Settings:Ensures that support availability aligns with operational hours, optimizing resource utilization and customer satisfaction.

Email to Ticket Conversion:Seamlessly converts customer emails into support tickets, centralizing communication channels and enhancing ticket management.

User Ticket Portal:Provides customers with a dedicated portal to submit and track their support tickets, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Analytics Reports:Offers comprehensive analytics reports that provide valuable insights into support performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Ticket Assign Functionality:Facilitates task delegation by allowing support agents to assign tickets to specific team members, ensuring efficient workload distribution.

AI Ticket Reply:Automates responses to customer inquiries using AI-powered algorithms, improving response time and scalability.

Collision Detection:Prevents overlap in agent responses by detecting and managing concurrent ticket handling, minimizing confusion and optimizing customer interactions.

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