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ChatIgniter is a web-based chat system implemented using CodeIgniter framework. It uses JQuery and MYSQL database. ChatIgniter system will give your CodeIgniter site users the chance to quickly send private messages to each other just like facebook. ChatIgniter uses AJAX so that users don’t have to refresh your page to view the messages.


  1. Real-time Chat: ChatIgniter uses AJAX to provide real-time messaging, so users can exchange messages without having to refresh the page. This ensures a seamless and dynamic chatting experience.

  2. User Registration: Users can create accounts and register on your website to start using the chat system. This typically involves providing a username and password.

  3. User Authentication: To maintain privacy and security, ChatIgniter incorporates user authentication, ensuring that only registered users can access the chat features.

  4. Private Messaging: Users can send private messages to each other. This feature allows for one-on-one conversations and fosters a more personal and engaging user experience.

  5. Message Notifications: Users receive notifications when they receive new messages, helping them stay updated and engaged with the chat system.

  6. Message History: The system stores message history, allowing users to access their previous conversations. This is a valuable feature for reference and continuity in conversations.

  7. Online/Offline Status: ChatIgniter typically displays the online/offline status of users, showing whether a user is currently active or not.

  8. User Profiles: Users can create and customize their profiles, often including features like profile pictures, status messages, and other personal information.

  9. User Search: Users can search for other users within the system, making it easy to find and connect with specific individuals.

  10. Emoticons and Rich Text: Many chat systems include support for emoticons and rich text formatting (e.g., bold, italics) to make conversations more expressive.

  11. User Blocking: Users may have the option to block or report other users if they encounter any issues or harassment.

  12. Admin Control: Administrators typically have control over the chat system, including the ability to moderate and manage users, messages, and other aspects of the platform.

  13. Message Timestamps: Messages often include timestamps to show when they were sent, allowing users to track the timing of the conversation.

  14. Mobile Responsive: Many chat systems, including ChatIgniter, are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring a consistent experience across various devices.

  15. MySQL Database: ChatIgniter stores user data, messages, and other information in a MySQL database, which is a reliable and widely-used database management system.

  16. Customization: The ChatIgniter system is built using the CodeIgniter framework, which means you can customize the chat system to match your website's design and functionality.

  17. Security: Security features are critical to protect user data and privacy. This includes secure authentication, data encryption, and prevention of common vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.

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